Für Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit: Das Wasserfallshirt Maxima

Softly falling fabrics, a flowing silhouette and nothing that constricts your body. During pregnancy in particular, we often realize how difficult it is to find beautiful, everyday and yet comfortable clothing or patterns that are a little special. That’s why we designed Maxima for you.

The cut

Our new cut Maxima is a magical maternity shirt. The deep, softly falling waterfall collar directs your gaze to the cleavage at the front, while a small insert protects you from looking too deep. Small ruffles on the sides of the front cut a nice figure – but at the same time offer plenty of space for a growing tummy. You will be dressed smartly throughout your pregnancy.

The shirt falls loosely at the front and leaves enough space for your growing baby bump.

The front part of the shirt falls loosely over your curves thanks to the deep waterfall neckline, while the back part is cut closer to the body. That’s the perfect mix of comfortable and yet not bulky, as we find it. 

What is particularly practical about the deep neckline and the small insert at the front is that you can still wear Maxima as a nursing shirt after pregnancy. Or you can just sew it as a nursing shirt.

The cut reaches down to the hips and can be combined with slim jeans or skirts. But Maxima also cuts a fine figure with cargo pants.

Whether with leggings, jeans or a skirt – Maxima always fits.

The choice of fabric

We recommend light and stretchy fabrics for a comfortable summer shirt. Made of jersey or viscose jersey, the waterfall neckline is particularly soft and loose. But you can also sew Maxima summer sweat or a jacquard, so you are also dressed smartly for cooler days.

Maxima is also well suited for beginners. In the instructions, we explain step-by-step how to sew the shirt and what to look out for. Even if it’s a jersey shirt, you don’t necessarily need an overlock machine to sew the pattern.

You get the pattern Maxima in sizes 34 – 56 as a paper cut or as an ebook for immediate download in our Queen Mother Shop.

4 Idee über “Für Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit: Das Wasserfallshirt Maxima

  1. Heike Krull sagt:

    Hallo, ich habe das Wasserfallshirt Maxima genäht. Nun ist es nach der Schwangerschaft zu weit am Bauch. Kann ich es an den Seiten enger machen? Wie geht das?

    • KatrinB sagt:

      Hallo Heike,
      du kannst die Seitennähte einfach auftrennen und die Raffung entfernen. Dann kürzt du das Vorderteil auf die Länge des Rückteils, säumst es wieder und schließt die Seitennähte. Liebe Grüße

  2. Heike Krull sagt:

    Danke, Katrin. Kann ich das Vorderteil auch etwas schmaler machen, ungefähr an jeder Seite 3 cm? Hinten sitzt es gut.

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